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Club has re opened for pre booked sessions for members only.


New Members we have started inviting those who have enquired and are on the wait list there is currently 35 ppl on the wait list. If you wish to join please email asking to be added to the waiting list.


***Updated 29-06-2022***


Existing members with keys as per the email send out 16-02-2022 can have there keys reactivated by attending any offical range night


Due to our limited Range Officer Capacity it was voted to Keep a pre booking system inplace until we can have enough R.O to safley operate the range for open sessions for existing members and we will then be able to start inviting from the waiting list once that happens.


To Pre Book this is by Email Only and the email addresses were sent out by Bill when the club reopened. There is no other booking method


From week Commencing the 13th September

Archery pre book as normal.


Pistols on a Wednesday there is no restriction on max number of attendees please pre book so they can manage this please be aware if too many book your request may be declined as we still need to allow safe operation within the club.


Riles on a Thursday.

all 6 lanes will be available for pre booking from 19:30 until 22:20

Booking Requests can still be made from a Friday until  17:00 on the Wednesday. You can only book for the upcoming week.


There are no  fixed sessions in your booking request you just need to state what time you intend to start shooting from & when you will be finishing.


This will allow us to pre allocate a lane so that if we have someone coming in for an hour someone else can then book the lane for later on.


There is still no social gathering allowed in the club house so once you have finished shooting you will need to leave. 


You will also still be required to take away all your rubbish including your brass casings & targets.

Facemasks are still required to be Unless exempt.




Spectators are NOT allowed. A Parent or Guardian will be permitted when supervising a Minor.


You will be required to sign a waiver form prior to your first shooting slot. If you do not wish to sign the waiver then please do not attend as you will not be permitted to shoot and asked to leave.


You will not be permitted Entry to the club until 5mins before your pre-booked time slot.


You will enter via the normal doors got to the sign in desk pay your fee and the R.O Will sign you in to the book. You will then go to you allocated lane.



At the end of the pre-booked slot you will gather your things together Wipe down the Lane you were allocated & then exit the building taking all your rubbish/empty shells with you.




■ Monday - Closed

■ Tuesday - Archery

Session  5:45pm-8pm Must be prebooked

■ Wednesday - Pistols

Session 8pm-9:45pm

■Thursday - Rifles Must pre-book stating time you will be shooing for.

Session 1 7:30pm-10:00pm

■ Friday - Closed


While this is not Ideal this is what the club has to work with for being an indoor shooting range.



Anyone who has already enquired about joining is on the waiting list for the club we have startined inviting the waiting list to the club and there is currently 34 people on the waiting list.


Founded in 1969 and now in our 53rd year, GTSC provides a safe and secure shooting environment and benefits from a membership that includes shooting enthusiasts of all ages.


GTSC has full Scottish Government Home Office approval. GTSC has a 25-yard indoor shooting range, a clubroom, kitchen and toilet facilities.  The range is accessed on the first floor, so you need to be able to go up one flight of stairs.


The Club is an HMRC recognised Community Amateur Sports Club.


Entry to the club by non-members will be prohibited unless previously arranged with the Secretary


We are currently operating a waiting list at the moment for all new members for air rifles/ Rimfires

GTSC has full Scottish Government Home Office approval. The club has a  25 yard  indoor shooting range, with a clubroom, kitchen and toilet facilities. 
The range is accessed on the first floor so you need to be able to go up one flight of stairs.
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