Glenrothes Target Shooting Club

Disciplines at GTSC

10 metre Air Rifle / Air Pistol
Both the same course of fire but using different targets. 40 or 60 shots in 1hr 15min or 1hr 45min. An Olympic sport. Automatic target changers. .177calibre air pellets.

Smallbore Rifle
Either prone only or prone/ standing/ kneeling (3P) at 25yards. .22 cal rimfire bullets. Also an Olympic sport. GTSC is one of the few clubs to offer 3P.

10 metre Running Target
Currently the only Scottish club to offer this exciting and demanding Olympic sport. Target moves L-R and then R-L across a 2m gap in 5secs for the 'slow' runs and 2.5secs for the 'fast' runs. .177 pellet, but .22 pellets allowed for informal use.

Lightweight Sport Rifle
20 yards standing, either precision or rapid fire, using a semi automatic .22 calibre rimfire bullet. Fairly big targets but it is quite a challenge to get 5 aimed shots off in 10secs.

Action Pistol/PP1
Usually shot with C02 Umarex style pistol/revolvers. Timed events, each with its own challenge. Make the most of your multishot C02 pistol.

10m Multishot Disciplines
A scaled down version of the 25m International disciplines:
• STANDARD PISTOL: 30 or 60 shot competitions. 20 & 10 second series. Multiples of 5 shots in each series.
• RAPID FIRE: 30 or 60 shot competitions. 12 and 8 second series. One shot on each of 5 targets per series.
• SPORT PISTOL: 30 or 60 shot competitions. Half Precision, Half Duelling  (1 shot in 3 seconds with a 7 second break between shots)
Steven Cowper 
Air Pistols & Air Soft
Richard McDonald
Air Rifles & Rimfire
Alan Drylie
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